Getting daily and other updates on #COP16

The Earth Negotiations Bulletin is an excellent source of information, run by the International Institute for Sustainable Development. You can read it in on the web, here. Or subscribe to the .pdf version. Or find more versions here, incl. French, Spanish and Chinese versions. Bear in mind that their reporting is… neutral. More on that later.

The Climate Action Network publishes a daily bulletin called Eco. You can’t subscribe to it – you have to go and download it, here. If you’re part of the CAN network, you can subscribe to their mailing lists – the main one is here.

If you have other or better suggestions for getting updates on the progress of events here, do let me know – I’m finding it remarkably difficult. Not that I think I’m really capable of soaking up much more at the moment.

There are live webcasts from the “Moon Palace”, where the negotiations are taking place.

When you’re actually at the negotiations, the recommended first step in the morning is to find the documentation centre, and collect the days’s agenda, and hard copies of news bulletins like the Earth Negotiations Bulletin.

I’ll send through an update on the plenary later.

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