Weathering the #COP16 acronym blizzard

A COP is a mind-boggling blizzard of acronyms. AWGs, KP, LCA, REDD, REDD+, AOSIS, etc. This means that even when the language being spoken is English, it’s still largely incomprehensible. Observers from NGOs appear to delight in these terms as much as the negotiators and even come up with their own to complicate matters, though perhaps with a little more charm: a FAB deal, for example, would be one that is Fair (doesn’t screw developing countries), Ambitious (does justice to the science) and Binding (doesn’t allow rich countries to welch out on their obligations).

I have yet to find a comprehensive guide to all these terms, but the UNFCCC itself has a list, with some glaring omissions, such as AOSIS (Association of Small Island States) and REDD (reduced emissions from deforestation and forest degradation).

If you know of a better glossary, pray do tell.

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