COP 17 civil society meeting 27/28 January 2011

Below, the text of the reminder sent out in December. An update should follow very soon. Feel free to make enquiries in the comments.

Dear civil society friends, colleagues and comrades,

Following the COP 17 civil society preparatory meetings hosted by the Heinrich Boell Foundation (HBS) and Earthlife Africa earlier this year, a follow-up meeting was set for the 27/28th of January 2011 in Durban. As you know, an interim planning committed was appointed to map out this event in November, and we are working to pull it together, with the support and partnership of HBS and GCCA (

This email is being sent to one representative from each organization that has participated/been invited to the previous meetings – please circulate the information to the other relevant people in your organization.

Details of venue and participation will follow. In the meantime, this is a reminder to please:

– set aside 27/28 January 2011 in your diary

– email us your COP 17 related plans for 2011

– send us proposals for a civil society platform or manifesto in response to COP 17 (targets for ourselves, for government, and for the international community)

– send us any specific proposals you would like to table at the January meeting, e.g., for a march for climate justice

– advise us of organisations that were not present at the previous meetings, but that should be included or wish to be included in this process (see attached list of participants). We feel that it would be particularly useful to build on the number of organizations based in Durban itself.

– advise us of any organizations that have participated in the preparatory meetings in 2010, and have inadvertently been left off the circulated participation list

– advise us of any needs or expectations you may have of the January conference

NB: Those attending will most likely need to cover the costs of their own travel and accommodation. Some funds may be available to support those who cannot afford this.

Thanks, regards, and best wishes,

The COP 17 civil society interim planning committee


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8 responses to “COP 17 civil society meeting 27/28 January 2011

  1. Hello, thanks for sharing this David. I was just wondering what people were planning for COP17. Are you coming to the meeting? I have a delightful cottage which you could stay in if you are keen. Cheers B

    • Hi Barabra, I am an activist coming from North America and am looking for lodging. WOuld be happy to provide more inf about myself. Might that cottage be avaialble to me as well? Maria WHittaker

  2. Hi.We want to attend the prep meeting this week.Can we come.NGO Food and Trees For Africa.National NGO South Africa.

  3. Hi.How is the momentum towrds COP 17.We are working hard on community awareness creation strategies on issues about

  4. Hi.How is the momentum towrds COP 17.We are working hard on community awareness creation strategies on issues about COP 17.any funding?

  5. Carol

    Good afternoon , i hope your new estrategies are takena a good way. Id like toknow when is planified the next civil society meeting and whrere.
    In the wait of a soon response, Sincerly Carol.

  6. Ya, Same is awaited from here in India.Kindly disclose any plans for next meeting.Thanks. Basit

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