News from the C17 civil society organising committee

On March 25th and 26th, fifteen members of the Civil Society Committee for COP17 (C17) met in Durban to strategise, plan and develop its working plan for 2011. Included in the discussion was the role of C17, its functionality, and what it will undertake to do during and in the lead- up to the UNFCCC COP17. Decisions taken at the meeting and a whole lot more details from the committee are recorded in this document (PDF).

Objectives of the C17 committee
•    Facilitate the development of an informed civil society that is mobilised, active and can articulate and advocate for climate justice
•    Minimise climate change through education and mobilisation, using COP 17 as a catalyst
•    Encourage lifestyle change, awareness and understanding of climate change in climate justice groups and broader civil society
•    Develop and strengthen the environmental justice movement

C17 Actions will include:
1.    Coordinate Global Day of Action (GDA) on December 3rd
2.    Facilitate international engagement with GDA and climate justice summits
3.    Create and facilitate a physical civil society space during COP17
4.    Create and facilitate a virtual civil society space prior to COP17
5.    Facilitate and organise a series of actions leading up to COP17 including advocacy, pressure and mobilisation for climate justice; and raising awareness of COP17 and climate change through media and general public outreach


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8 responses to “News from the C17 civil society organising committee

  1. Please kindly advice on how COP 17 could also approve the enlistment of Children for the first time in the Climate Change movement through the COP 17 Kids for Saving Earth Eco-Carnival???

    • Depends on whether or not you want to do something of real substance or just do something. If something of real substance, I’d suggest they go on hunger strike for a commitment to 350 ppm of atmospheric CO2 from the Umbrella group of rich countries, and for SA to commit to a target date for a no-fossil-fuels economy.

  2. Good initiative indeed. But if you want good number of participants climate worst victim like Bangladesh, you need to urge your goverment to ease visa process where South Africa (SA) do not have any embessy. Currnetly it is eg, I have to go to Srilanka / Colombo to get a SA visa, they say I have to wait min 5 – 6 days, even they can ask me around $ 2000 deposit as refundable deportation fee (such a system I have never face from any other country, even from USA), and also another rules that, if I bring other passports it means from my freinds, then I they said I have to produce written persmission from our foreign ministry. I can tell you such a rule was not during Cancun, Mexican govt. made ease for the CoP participaton. Please consider, act and immediatly. I can give further elaboration. Currently I am in communication with the embessy, I am going Colombo for another occassion during 6 to 13 Sept, I am hardly able to convince them please return my passport by 12th Sept. A big non goverment and media contingent from Bangladesh want to participate, but I am in understanding that they will face big problems. We need your help to convince SA goverment

  3. Vuyo

    This sounds like something with alot of potential to help curb this climate change we’re faced with.I would like to know how can people in rural areas get involved in this?

  4. cathy

    nous sommes une organisation non gouvernemental et nous voulons assister a cop17 que vevons nous faire pour nous enregistrer et avoir une lettre d’invitation

  5. cathy

    nous sommes une organisation non gouvernemental et nous voulons assister a cop17 que devons nous faire pour nous enregistrer et avoir une lettre d’invitation

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