Reminder: COP side events registration closes today

A quick reminder if you represent an organisation registered for COP17 – today, August 19, is the closing date for registering exhibits and side events in the official UN precinct (access to which depends on being registered with the UN as an observer or delegate).

Go here for the UNFCCC’s registration system – it does seem to work fairly smoothly.

Some tentative, perhaps unreliable advice: I am told by others with more experience of arranging these side events, that one need not register an absolutely final line-up of speakers, so there is some flexibility there.

Of course, there should still be many opportunities for organising civil society events outside of the formal COP.


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13 responses to “Reminder: COP side events registration closes today

  1. chamunorwa nhau

    How can I participate as an individual

  2. nomthandazo

    i would really love to be part of the event as a student,is there anything i can do to participate at this moment in as far as date for registratn is concend.

  3. I am a Pastor in villages in Pakistan and would like to attend the conference in Nov–Dec 2011 Please register me, Thanks,

    • Hi, sorry, but this is a civil society blog – we can’t help you with registration for the UNFCCC COP/conference – for that, you will have to work through an accredited organisation, and since nominations for delegations closed at the end of September, it is now highly unlikely that you can get in, unless you are able to get media accreditation – and that will obviously require that you be supported by a recognised media organisation: Of course, you can still participate in the open civil society events that will be happening in Durban at the same time.

  4. Monwabisi George

    we would want to exhibit a devise that is used to generate water from the air. How can we do it at COP 17 ?

  5. I like the idea to involve the civil society even after this formal conference. it is actually one step towards sustainable development in regard to climate change.

  6. Nosipho

    To whom it may concern

    I would love to be a part of this historical event in SA and as a civil servant and as a public servant please allow me with all due respect to be part of cop17, god bless Nosipho

  7. Pam

    COP 17 : I am a school teacher…would love to volunteer in some way…but alos keen to know how and when I could bring 70 of my learners to visit and learn through the Climate Change Train.

    • Hello Pam,

      The climate train is being organised by Indalo Yethu. You can find out about the climate train from Douglas Kativu .

      For volunteering opportunities… I’m afraid nothing leaps immediately to mind please look at the various events that are listed on this site.

  8. Hi
    My name is Shaun Singh and I’m a Certified Green Consultant (CGC) and Certified Green Auditor (CGA), I know it is probably to late to ask, but if possible is there anyway I can engage my services to you guys at Cop 17, please let me know.
    My cell no :082 489 2934

    Great Thanks
    Shaun Singh

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