COP17 ‘no walk in park’ says Zuma

Business Report 01.11.2011,pg16.pdf

From the Cape Times, 1 Nov 2011.



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4 responses to “COP17 ‘no walk in park’ says Zuma

  1. Patrick Bond interview on COP-17 and why it will fail, again.

    Radio Ecoshock 23 minutes.

    [audio src="" /]

  2. Thami

    Becouse COP17 is for educated South Africans and Rich people,if you go to Rural Areas they are clueless what is cop17 so hulumeni is to be blame again.

  3. Noluthando

    cop17 was supposed to be published like 2010 fifa world cup,but because our gov is not fair enough and not transparent with this kinda negotiations they don’t care about people on the ground and forgeting that they are the ones who suffer most,I just hope that our president will say something this year at cop17 coz silence means lot of things like…………..?

  4. Minister in the Presidency Trevor Manuel has said ” we need to write a different story.” 2011 is the year of the forests.

    We hope to honor this and bring about profound healing to the world to shift the energy around COP17 so that we can have a just, fair and equitable deal signed.

    We need your support to host the event at Platbos Africa’s Southernmost Forest where we can offset our carbon footprint and fund The Trees for Tomorrow Reforestation and Conservation project and at the same time heal and release past trauma.

    At this sacred space we will shift the energy with the Boundless Energy Activation and meditate during this crucial period.
    Please engage with us. at Energy Activation and also click on the eco smiley wall for info to heal people and planet.Please circulate this info and read the posts and the poem ” i Know ” directed to world leaders to COP17 world leaders and all of humanity.

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