How to stop climate change at COP 17?

There are a lot of people at COP 17, inside and out, wandering around uncertain how exactly they can make a difference by being here. If you’re someone with a firm opinion on what to do – besides learning and teaching, and building alliances for climate justice – then please speak up in the comments.


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6 responses to “How to stop climate change at COP 17?

  1. anna

    Would love 2 be part of changing the current situation! Please anybody advice in how we can be heard!!!

  2. Stop Climate Change


    In preparation for the mass march on the Global Day of Action this Saturday, December 3rd, the call has been made for a mass, non-violent, “warm-up” action tomorrow, Friday, December 2nd.

    Context: Despite overwhelming evidence of the accumulating impacts of climate change, despite the widely recognised fact that current “most likely” scenarios will lead to the deaths of almost 200 million people across Africa alone within the century, “negotiators” inside the ICC continue to horse-trade for profits, carbon markets, and the bad-faith lies of a so-called “green economy” – dooming generations of people in developing countries to increasing misery, insecurity, and worse.

    We say: NOT ON OUR WATCH.

    EVENT: Mass demonstration against the Conference Of Polluters
    LOCATION: Speakers’ Corner – Corner of Samora Machel and Bram Fisher
    DATE: 2 December 2011
    TIME: 2pm
    VOLUME: Very, very loud

    Delegations are expected from the Democratic Left Front, the Rural Women’s Alliance, Climate Justice Now!, Climate Action Network, and allied movements and formations from around the world.

    If you’re in Durban, be there and bring friends. If you can’t be in Durban, please send solidarity messages and distribute this call as widely as possible.


    • Jessica S

      Hi, I am not part of any organisation, I am a private citizen who is very concerned about our environment and I sincerely hope that the ‘lesser important’ issues are being given the same amount of consideration as the major issues which are being discussed at length. I have done a lot of research into this cause because it is close to my heart and I have since put together a summary of my concerns, as well as possible solutions which can alleviate a lot of the present destruction these issues contribute to. Can you advise if these issues are also being addressed at the conference? I am posting my summary below (it is quite comprehensive):

      1. Contribute to Saving the Environment
      By pointing out the major impacts that fireworks have on our environment, this article will hopefully inspire/encourage people to celebrate going green, thus resulting in a healthier environment and cleaner air. Listed below are the major environmental impacts that fireworks have on our environment.

      2. Air Pollution through Firecrackers
      “Say ‘No’ to Fire crackers and ‘Yes’ to life!”
      For most people lighting of firecrackers is the highlight of any celebration (New Year, Fourth of July, Diwali, Guy Fawkes, weddings, sports ceremonies, and other joyous celebrations). The brighter the sparkles and louder the noise, the greater the thrill. However, in our increasingly populated and polluted cities, the temporary joy of watching fireworks is soon replaced by the intense air pollution caused by their toxins. The poisonous substances used in the firecrackers release toxic gases that are harmful to the health of all living beings. The high level of noise generated by the crackers also causes immense trauma to the ailing, the very young, the very old, birds, animals, and the environment as a whole.

      Another relevant factor which few realise is that the firecrackers are mostly made by very young children. Since the substances being handled are extremely toxic the mortality rate among these child-labourers is extremely high.

      3. Harmful effects of Chemicals used in crackers. An analysis of crackers and the harmful effects that each of its chemicals contributes to are listed.
      The Chemical and its Impact:
      Copper – Irritation of respiratory tract
      Cadmium – Anemia and damage to kidney
      Lead – Affects the nervous system
      Magnesium – Its dust and fumes cause metal fume fever
      Sodium – Reacts violently with moisture and can attack the skin
      Zinc – Leads to vomiting
      Nitrate – Could lead to mental impairment
      Nitrite – Could lead to a coma

      4. Noise Pollution caused by Fire Crackers:
      The law bans crackers that make a noise of more than 125 decibels at four metres distance from the point of bursting. Listed below are the hazards posed by excessive noise pollution caused by crackers:
      • Hearing loss, high blood pressure, heart attack and sleeping disturbances.
      • Sudden exposure to loud noise could cause temporary deafness or permanent relative deafness.

      5. Excessive Consumerism:
      An indirect but equally significant impact of fireworks on nature is due to the increased consumption. Advertisements and hoardings scream out to people offerings sales extravaganzas, bargains, and discounts thereby encouraging consumers to buy more and more!

      How does this increased consumption affect Nature? A point to realize is that all man-made items are made from materials that are sourced from nature. Whether it plastic, metal, paper, or cloth – all these raw materials come directly from nature. Sources that cannot regenerate – such as fossil fuels and metal ores – are being depleted day by day and will eventually run out. Depletion of non-renewable natural resources is one of the most significant impacts of consumerism. For example, the gold you buy is coming from a gold mine that is not only depleting the gold resources of the earth, but in the process of mining is probably ruining several ecosystems.

      Something that most people do not factor in is where do all the things we throw away go finally? Solid waste created by human beings, which is non-biodegradable (does not easily decompose), has to be filled into holes dug up in the ground. These ‘landfills’ as they are called may exist for centuries without completely getting integrated into the soil. The plastic toys that are thrown away now, may exist in a landfill for several generations.

      6. Five Principles of Nature conservation:
      To be able to conserve our natural environment it is important to follow the following principles:
      6.1. Reduce the amount of toxic or non-degradable things that cause harm to the environment.
      6.2. Reuse items we have in different forms until we have absolutely no use for them (eg. plastic bags, plastic cups, plates, utensils etc).
      6.3. Recycle items that are no longer functional.
      6.4. Rethink the choices we make when deciding to buy something.
      6.5. Refuse things that we have no need for.

      7. High Energy Consumption:
      Elaborately planned festivities put a considerably heavy load on electrical energy sources that are already overloaded. The use of electric lights to adorn homes, business establishments, monuments and roads requires a huge amount of electricity. The use of lamps or lanterns is a possible alternative to electric lights – even though it does use oil, the duration of the lamps is shorter and a lot of electrical current/ energy is saved.

      8. Eco sensitive Initiatives to contribute to a greener, purer environment:
      For traditional celebrations different cultural groups should reinterpret their rituals and traditions to become more sensitive to nature. Going green now will ensure that we ensure a healthier, more abundant earth for future generations to benefit from.

  3. alexis scholtz

    silver bullet?

    the amount of people that i’ve spoken to that are finding this utterly depressing in terms of feeling powerless and having no influence with negotiators and the real politik.

  4. Slowly, gradually and even suddenly become vegetarian, plant a tree, own 3 recylcing bins for garden for paper for bottles, these are the simple steps, the rest is pure business speculations, lets plant our own food and train the young to do the same, to embrace life and nature, we won’t have to worry about all this if the young were focussed on growing not earning!!!!

  5. Lance Burford Norman

    Canada here ! I have written to Canada’s Enviroment minister yesterday.I explained to him tat our Lifespans and economies are blowing in the Climate change polluting wind and wouldn’t Canada want to lower that risk for all the World as we have always diligently expressed and backed up our World concerns and actions for! The wrong Societal choices will break us all ! Durban delegates are in session now trying to save our future from this all getting worse ! Life styles and Nation ‘s growth are way over Human needs bounds! Follow the proceeds and vote for change !

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