Call to action on Friday, 2pm

As received:

In preparation for the mass march on the Global Day of Action this Saturday, December 3rd, the call has been made for a mass, non-violent, “warm-up” action tomorrow, Friday, December 2nd.

Context: Despite overwhelming evidence of the accumulating impacts of climate change, despite the widely recognised fact that current “most likely” scenarios will lead to the deaths of almost 200 million people across Africa alone within the century, “negotiators” inside the ICC continue to horse-trade for profits, carbon markets, and the bad-faith lies of a so-called “green economy” – dooming generations of people in developing countries to increasing misery, insecurity, and worse.


EVENT: Mass demonstration against the Conference Of Polluters LOCATION: Speakers’ Corner – Corner of Samora Machel and Bram Fisher DATE: 2 December 2011
TIME: 2pm
VOLUME: Very, very loud

Delegations are expected from the Democratic Left Front, the Rural Women’s Alliance, Climate Justice Now!, Climate Action Network, and allied movements and formations from around the world.

If you’re in Durban, be there and bring friends. If you can’t be in Durban, please send solidarity messages and distribute this call as widely as possible.




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2 responses to “Call to action on Friday, 2pm

  1. Mabutsama

    Climate justice now, foeward with the renewable enegy.

  2. What you have just described in the opening statements is true. But this is the kind of thing that causes so many thinking Africans to be ‘apathetic’ even about the mass movements that represent them/the affected folks all around the planet.There appears to be very little space for debate, detraction and an alternative way aside from the Capitalist agenda which many of us identify with white supremacy directed destruction of the local economies and sovereign rights of the people. In other words, yes they can chase their own tails and instill their agenda’s but until they see us a role players in the international arena, there will be no viable solutions. Prescriptions from the north-west and east won’t help us to be Self Sufficient, Sustained and healthy minded indigenous people. A radical agenda and movement must be direct about our response. I speak as the voice ( one of the voices) of the Black Endangered species. Aluta Continua! Heru Khuti

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