Sign two urgent petitions against dangerous delays on climate change

Please take urgent action — speak up against proposals to delay serious action on climate breakdown:
sign up here:, and here:

And then send this to friends. Please act quickly.

The message from

Dear friends around the world,

What if someone told you we should abandon all hope for global climate action until 2020? Well, that’s exactly the proposal that the United States and other countries are pushing at the UN Climate Talks taking place this week in Durban, South Africa. The 2020 delay might well be the worst idea ever.

Waiting nine years for climate action isn’t just a delay, it’s a death sentence for communities on the front lines of the climate crisis — and it could slam the door on ever getting carbon pollution levels below the safe upper limit of 350 parts per million.

It’s not too late to stop this delay from going through. Over the next couple of days, our team of activists in Durban will be working with our partners at Avaaz and allies from around the world to isolate climate action delayers like the USA, build support for the African nations that are fighting for real climate action, and push the European Union, Brazil and China to stand with Africa in their efforts.

Click here to add your voice to a global call to action we’re delivering in Durban:

The climate talks in South Africa end in just 48 hours, and it’s vital that we ramp up the pressure now. To make sure our message gets through, our team on the ground here in Durban will deliver your messages directly to the US negotiating team at a high-impact event we’re helping to pull together on Friday. We can’t say much more about it now, but we’ll be making sure that our message will be unavoidable.

If we raise an international alarm before the talks end on Friday, we can push the US out of the way of progress and help jumpstart the global process that can lead to bold climate action all around the world. Of course, the UN Climate Talks aren’t going to get us back to 350 by themselves, but they have the potential to create a legally binding, international framework to help nations make serious cuts in carbon emissions.

Regardless of what happens here in Durban, one thing is clear: we’ve all got lots of work to do in our home countries. In 2012, we’re going to need to do all we can to challenge the fossil fuel companies that are the real obstacles to climate progress. Breaking their
stranglehold on our governments is the only way to really unlock these negotiations.

The road ahead of us seems long and difficult, but as Nelson Mandela said, “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” The 350 network has pulled off the impossible before — now’s the time to step up the pressure again.

Please add your voice and forward this to all your friends:

In solidarity,

Jamie Henn for the whole team at

P.S. We have just 48 hours to build a huge groundswell of pressure. Please help make it go viral with a few clicks on Twitter and Facebook.



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5 responses to “Sign two urgent petitions against dangerous delays on climate change

  1. we in africa,alrdy a dumping site for the rch,c no luxury in waiting for nin yrs whn w hve alrdy bgan experiencn th pain

  2. Sr. Bernadette Teasdale

    We must take action now to reduce carbon emissions and take our heads out of the sand and be responsible for what we are doing to our planet and the human family.

  3. That first link is Page Not Found.
    Where you repeat the link at the end of the article, it does work.
    Needs to be sorted QUICKLY!

  4. Don’t you guys realise what kind of power you are giving to the UN??? Climate change is a very convenient way for them to pillage the taxpayer in the name of “mother earth”.

  5. Sr. Bernadette Teasdale

    We can’t wait any longer. We must face he climate challenge and reduce the Carbon emissions. All of humanity stands in the balance for healthy living and passing a healthy world for future generations

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