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An invitation from the South African Civil Society Committee for COP17

Panellists in discussion at the January SA civil society COP17 prep meetingPlease distribute freely
Contact : C17SouthAfrica *at* gmail.com

Climate change negotiations have not delivered what is needed to stop climate change. Following on from the outcomes of the past two years, the Durban hosted COP17 could be a defining moment for climate activists.

At a January meeting of South African environmental, social, trade union, faith community and climate justice organisations, the Civil Society Committee for COP17 (C17) was mandated to facilitate civil society engagement in COP17. The C17 will work towards coordinating joint actions at and in the lead-up to COP17. Continue reading


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SA’s ‘foreign minister’ to chair COP17

Extract from President Jacob Zuma’s recent State of the Nation address:

Honourable Members referred to the important United Nations Conference of the Parties on Climate Change or COP 17 that we will host from the 28th of November to the 9th of December 2011 in Durban.

We agree with Honourable Holomisa that the conference should be used as a rallying point to inform and mobilise our communities around issues of the environment. We are humbled by the confidence shown by the UNFCC in Africa`s ability to host this meeting again after Kenya successfully hosted it in 2006.

This presents another opportunity for Africa to rise to the occasion, just like we did when the world gave us an opportunity to host the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup last year. Continue reading

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Registration for COP17 in Durban closes in March

If you wish to attend COP17, but the organisation you are associated with is not registered with the UNFCCC secretariat, you need to move quite fast to register.

For those organizations that are interested in attending COP17 in South Africa that have not yet been admitted as an Observer organization with the UNFCCC (meaning an organization that can accredit individuals to participate in UNFCCC meetings), the deadline is approaching quickly (Tuesday, March 1, 2011).

Information on how to get your application in to the UNFCCC Secretariat (well before March 1, 2011 is safer) can be found at:http://unfccc.int/parties_and_observers/ngo/items/3667.php . Look on the webpage under Standard admission process (pdf).

Questions about this can be directed to the UNFCCC Secretariat Observer Liaison Officer (Megumi Endo, <MEndo@unfccc.int>).

Note that UN registration is of course not required to attend NGO events that will be organised outside of the official UN spaces.

The UNFCCC also usually organises a “climate village”, which is open to the general public, but if Cancun was anything to go by, most used by business and tourism interests.

NOVEMBER UPDATE: Please note, registration for the UN COP and side-events (all events at the International Convention Centre and Durban Exhibition Centre) closed at the end of September. There is no way to get in now. However, you can still attend many other related events that are being organised outside the official COP at the same time.


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Some notes on Durban and COP17 geography

COP16 visitors who are tired of the long bus commutes in Cancun may be wondering what Durban has in store.

At a briefing with the South African delegation a couple of nights ago, they explained that Durban was chosen because it has South Africa’s largest convention centre, and right across the road is a very large exhibition centre. So it will allow for intergovernmental and civil society spaces in very close proximity. There are a great many hotels within walking distance, and the Durban bus system will be opened up for the COP. So it appears we can rest assured that the COP will be much more compressed and – once you’re flown the considerable distance getting there – rather easier on personal carbon footprints.

At one stage, there were declarations coming from parts of our government that the South African COP would be a “People’s COP”. Already, they’re backtracking on those statements, but are still saying they expect it will be a lot more accessible. The official Durban COP website is COP17durban.co.za. Continue reading

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